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30% higher impact strength

Briteguard Mouthguard Material provides an impressive high impact strength 30% greater than mouthguards manufactured in traditional EVA material.

Thinner, but stronger

This groundbreaking improvement in energy absorption dramatically reduces the risk of mouth injuries. Thinner and lighter mouthguards also increase player acceptance and usage because they are more comfortable to wear.

Proven better than traditional EVA

Briteguard cross-polymer metallocene catalysed mouthguard material provides:

  • Better oral fit and feel
  • Improved mouthguard performance
  • Greater tensile strength and increased toughness
  • Better resistance to penetration during impact
  • Superior moulding composition properties
  • Superior energy absorption to maximise protection

“Thinner and lighter but with extra strength: that’s attractive to our dental customers because it leads to increased mouthguard use by patients”

Independent laboratory testing PDF Print E-mail

Briteguard mouthguard material has undergone exhaustive laboratory testing to evaluate the effectiveness of its EVA-modified formulations on energy absorption.


Laboratory test result sample


Testing conditions: Carried out using Instrumental Impact Tester ITR2000. ASTM D 3763-93 performed using plunger velocity of 4m/sec and 30mm anvil to house test specimen ranging from 2-5mm thickness. Sheet thickness 4mm.

Laboratory testing carried out by F Rossetto, Lecturer Polymer Technology, RMIT University


Download the full report here